Choose to have the best relationship.

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Here’s why you need coaching in your life right now:

  • You will feel understood, heard, and connected.

  • You will work through issues together, in a loving way rather than feeling alone and isolated.

  • Working on your relationship now and developing communication strategies will help your relationship in the future.

  • You will build a strong foundation in your relationship that will help you get through anything life throws at you.


How I Help your relationship

  1. From an outside perspective, I observe your “dance” or how you interact with each other.

  2. I give you tools and coach you to help you break that cycle, while strengthening your relationship.

  3. I work with you and your partner in a loving, caring, and supportive space. No judgments here.

  4. I provide empathy and understanding through your journey.

  5. I help you kickass at this relationship thing.

A Unhealthy Relationship

  • Neglecting your needs or your partner’s needs.

  • Lack of trust.

  • Arguments are not settled fairly

  • Limited or reduced friendships outside of the relationship.

A Healthy Relationship

  • Both partners are respectful of their own and their partner’s needs.

  • Feel secure and comfortable in relationship.

  • Able to express feelings without fear.

  • Ability to have friendships outside of the relationship.

What does working with me include?

Weekly Zoom coaching calls for the duration of our time together.

Individual Zoom calls in addition to couples calls.

Personalized homework and activities to promote intimacy and growth.

A genogram map (a tool I use) to map out behaviors and cycles that you engage in.

Facebook Messenger access to me for any questions or issues that come up.

BONUS: 30 extra days of Facebook Messenger access.

*I also work with individuals.


I'm ready to commit to this adventure!!

Book a 20 minute coffee chat to learn about the specifics of working with me.