How Heart Centered Adventures Helps Couples

I help couples in a variety of ways- Virtually and in person.

Couples Intimacy Coaching


Know your partner more intimately and connect with them on a deeper level. You've been together for a while now but still feel like you could be closer. There's a connection and your understanding of your partner and their understanding of you could go so much deeper than what it is now. You know there's so much more potential for your relationship. 

Experience a deeper, more intimate connection and communication between you and your partner with coaching. We'll dive into all aspects of your relationship and figure out ways to improve them for both partners. Feel heard and understood by your partner. Bring fun and intimacy back into your life! Don't worry, I'll show you how. 

Events, Retreats, and Games, OH MY!


Play is the best way to build a relationship. Think about when you were dating. How much fun was that?! I aim to bring fun and playfulness into your relationship while still building connection, intimacy, and communication. My philosophy is that you can do work and have fun too. 

Solve puzzles, go on adventures, play games, and connect with each other as your most authentic self. When you are "in the zone" and having fun, you present as your true selves. That's when real connection happens. You don't worry about how you look, how you're acting, how someone else is acting. You are simply being in the moment with the person you love most.