Know Your Type: Attachment Masterclass -Online
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Know Your Type: Attachment Masterclass -Online

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Ever wonder why you act a certain way or why you get upset at certain things? Ever wonder why relationships don’t work out? You can’t seem to put your finger on it! Well I have those answers for you!

Attachment is something we learn as infants when our parents/caregivers take care of us. Their style of parenting sets the stage for how we see and interact the world later on in life. For example, if your parent did not like showing their feelings and was stand-offish, you will act that same way in relationships as an adult because it was modeled to you as a child. Pretty crazy, right?!

But don’t worry, these attachment styles aren’t the end game. You can always change and heal your attachment style. That’s why I want to teach this class. Being aware of your attachment and what it means is the first step of healing and taking your power back.

We'll learn about the 4 types of attachment, their characteristics and how they interact in relationships. We’ll also go over how to heal each type and how to support and help your partner heal.

This class is free! It will be held over Zoom video calling at the time and date specified. I’ll be sending out an email with a handout and the link to the LIVE video one day before the class begins. There will be a Q and A session at the end.

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