Are you ready for coaching with Katie?


Katie Bonanno is a master’s level relationship expert and coach. She has a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Regis University, obtained in 2015, and has worked in the mental health field for ten years. Katie helps individuals move past their ego-driven, learned behaviors to a lighter, more authentic version of themselves that is not shaped by society and culture. She helps people heal wounds from the past so they can live fully in the present. Katie also helps couples do the same thing within their relationship while leveraging the relationship for support. She helps couples find strength within the relationship and teaches vulnerability and healthy communication.

Katie went through her own struggles with getting out of ego driven behavior about a year into her relationship with her boyfriend. She noticed that the way she was acting and asking for connection was hurting people and was out of fear. She almost lost her relationship because of it. Through lots of inner reflection, self work and the support of a coach, she learned about her fear based behaviors and overcame them to connect with kindness, love, and support for her loved ones instead of fear and survival. Katie and her boyfriend have been together for 5 years while both continue to work on themselves and grow as individuals and as a couple. Katie is more passionate then ever about this work because she has been through it personally and wants to help others accomplish the same sense of peace and connection with themselves and those they love.

What we can work on in sessions…

Sessions are always client-led, meaning you -the client- are always in charge of where you want the session to go or how deep you want to go. I believe that when you’re ready to do the work, you’ll bring it up. That being said, we can work on developing healthy coping skills and self care so that you have the support when you need it. We can also work on how you connect to others, work-life balance, relationships with family, boundaries, confidence, and romantic relationships. In couples sessions, we work on a variety of issues such as communication, connecting with vulnerability and love instead of fear, and how to get your needs met. We use attachment and inter-generational patterns to help make sense of the way you currently see the world- meaning we take a look at your family and environment to see where you picked up on your current beliefs and behaviors. If they’re not serving you then….we heal it and change it!



Individual Coaching

Sessions are online over a Zoom video call. Sessions are booked by you at your convenience and cost $120/session. They run 60 minutes long. People usually like to schedule one session per week but the frequency is up to you. I also have a buy in bulk and save package of sessions. Please inquire about this.

We will…

  • Discover what it is that you’d like to improve on in your life and how it’s affecting you.

  • Explore the feelings and patterns underneath what’s going on.

  • Explore the behaviors and blocks that are hindering you in life.

  • Structure daily self-care practices for you to work on in between sessions.

  • Create a toolbox of skills for you to help heal.


Couples Coaching

Couples sessions are similar to individual in that they are also held online over a Zoom call, run 60 minutes long, and cost $120/session. In couples sessions, we work to balance the room and make sure that you are both being heard and feel like your needs are being met. We take the time to go into each person’s experience and feelings while finding a common ground to connect you. I help with communication and how to communicate in a way that will get your needs met quicker and more efficiently by your partner. The buy in bulk packages are also valid for couples sessions. Please inquire about this.

We will…

  • Explore the patterns in your relationship and discuss what you’d like to change.

  • Discover new efficient ways of communicating and getting your needs met.

  • Investigate the why behind your behaviors and patterns and heal it.

  • Structure daily self-care practices for you to work on in between sessions.

  • Create a toolbox of skills for you to help heal.


How to Work With Katie

Please fill out the form to inquire about a session. I will respond within 24-48 hours to schedule. You will be emailed a link for the video session once you schedule.