Hey! I’m Katie and I’m the relationship expert!


Things you should know about me

  • I have helped numerous couples fall back in love and embrace their differences as well as similarities.

  • My favorite part about couples is that their communication is only the surface of what’s going on. It takes some detective work but I’m a great detective. (Thank you, Nancy Drew books).

  • Couples report better communication and problem solving skills after working with me.

  • My goal is to teach you to fish…or teach you the relationship skills you need to know so you’re NOT reliant on coaching or therapy.


A Little about me

  Katie and her border collie mix, Riley.

Katie and her border collie mix, Riley.

From an early age, I felt it was my mission to help people. I found my love of psychology later on in life. I loved psychology. I love learning about the ways that the mind and emotions work. I felt called to go to graduate school in Denver, Colorado. I went to school for Marriage and Family Therapy. What I didn’t know at the time was that I was slowly healing myself from what I was learning in school. Fascinating, right?! I was healing myself from family wounds and drama that often threatens to define us and our future relationships.

When I graduated, I started a private practice and started to see clients. Something that I noticed about the therapy field was that (at least in Colorado) a majority of therapists and agencies that I came across were only trying to make money, were out for themselves, and didn’t treat clients and staff with the dignity and respect that every human deserves. I realized that this was not the reason I went into the therapy field. I decided on therapy because I made it my mission to help others overcome the obstacles that life had thrown at them (just like it had at me) while treating them with care, dignity, and respect. I turned to coaching because of the freedom that it allowed me in my business and because I’m not your basic therapist.


How Heart Centered Adventures is Different

I focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

I use playfulness and fun to learn lessons, skills, and to bring love back into your relationship.

I plan live, fun activities and events for couples who want to get out of their ordinary routine.

I don’t beat around the bush and waste time. I am and always will be straight up honest with you because you deserve honesty.

I plan my programs, activities, and coaching to yield the best results for you, no matter what. You just have to put in the work on your end.