We are our most authentic selves when we are playing.

Think back to playing a sport or a game you REALLY like. Were you in the "zone"? When you were in the "zone" did you care what others thought of you? Probably not because you had zoned everything else out and were focused on one thing, whatever it was that you were doing. For me, it was playing basketball. I wasn't the best at it but when I got into the zone, I was pretty decent. If I dropped the ball, I didn't get embarrassed because I didn't care! I was 100% in the moment, connected to my teammates, yelling and screaming words of encouragement, working towards a common goal. THAT is what I want for the couples I work with...with less yelling. 



Growing up in the woods of New Hampshire, I loved the outdoors from an early age. Fourwheeling, paddleboarding, hiking, swimming- check to all the above. I always said that I would find a way to "play" for a living. 

I have a Master's of Art in Marriage and Family Therapy with a Post Grad Certificate in Counseling Children and Adolescents. I thought "play" would mean play therapy with kids. Whomp whomp, I was wrong. After getting into a committed relationship at the tail end of my schooling, I began to see how much hard work a relationship actually is. I began to see how much effort it took to not put up that wall and to be authentic even when I was scared. I had to learn how to trust and communicate my insecurities and fears instead of letting them take over. My interest moved onto helping couples work through their issues and connect. 

In college, I had taken outdoor recreation classes. The classes were all about teamwork, problem solving, and communication while playing games or even climbing over a twelve foot wall! I LOVED IT! I realized, why not do both?

Ta-da! Heart Centered Adventures was born.

  Katie and her border collie mix, Riley.

Katie and her border collie mix, Riley.


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