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Heart Centered Adventures

Helping individuals and couples create Conscious RElationships

Coaching with Katie Bonanno


Hey! I’m Katie.

I’m a master’s level relationship expert and coach. I have a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and 10 years of experience in the mental health field working with a variety of populations such as at risk kids, couples, teens, and severely mentally ill. I help people create conscious relationships through honoring and healing their past. I’ve helped many people and couples get past their ego-driven and fear-based behaviors to heal and be able to connect with their true personality, not the one that’s been molded for them by society and culture.

That must sound intimidating. Let me explain. The way you interact with people and in relationships comes from the patterns and behaviors you picked up on from your parents/caregivers. I use attachment theory and inter-generational healing to get to the bottom of why you do what you do. Basically, I look at how these behaviors and patterns were passed down in your family and how your attachment to your parents affects your life today.

I love doing this work because you’re healing from the inside out. This approach isn’t a quick fixer upper and it isn’t a -you’ll be coming to me for life- approach either. It gets down to the core reason of what’s weighing on you and why things are happening in your life. We heal wounds that are affecting you today while you learn tools to set you up for success so you don’t have to be my client for a whole lifetime.

I whole-heartedly support this philosophy since it has helped me as well. After graduate school I started to notice that my behaviors and ways of thinking were affecting my relationships. I went through therapy and coaching with two different people, at two different times and both times was shocked to find out that everything had stemmed from my childhood. I worked on healing those parts of myself that were stuck in that chaotic time of my childhood and started asking my partner for what I needed instead of manipulating, becoming jealous, and yelling to get what I needed (former anxious attachment). My relationship changed drastically from being on the brink of breaking up to happily being together for five years.


How to get started with coaching


There’s always a reason and motivation to everything we do. It’s not JUST you. We learn how to see the world and interact with people by watching our parents. Your parents modeled all of your beliefs, patterns, and even behaviors for you when you were little and you picked up on them. So the good news is no, you’re not crazy. You won’t be alone forever. There isn’t something intrinsically wrong with you.

More good news, you can change all of this. This isn’t a life long sentence. You can always heal those patterns and change your behaviors. When you focus on this, our whole world will change and you’ll begin to see things differently.

Katie provides a safe and comforting space to explore emotions, energy, and to heal. Katie offers individual sessions, couples session, and genogram sessions that are focused on exploring the patterns of your family and relationships.

Events & Classes

Events and classes are so much fun to attend! They often cover a variety of topics such as communication in relationships, learning more about yourself, and healing. Both events and classes are held online in the form of a video call or in person.

Katie puts the most information she can into classes and events. Her main goal is to have you walk away saying, “Wow! That was incredible!”.

Check out the calendar to decide which one you want to attend!