Heart Centered Adventures

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Playing is half of the fun of relationship building.


Have you ever felt super connected to a "team", whether is was an NFL team or just your college basketball team? I bet you have. Why do you feel so connected? 

Working towards a common goal increases levels of camaraderie type feelings, feelings of connection. We celebrate wins together and encourage each other in the lows.


How would that feel if that was your relationship?

LEt's find out.

Connect on a higher emotional level with your partner and drastically improve communication through experiences and fun. 

Meet The Adventurers

Hey! I'm Katie. 

I use fun, playfulness, and adventure to help people connect with each other. Remember in school when you played all those team building activities in gym class? Yep...this is the adult version. 

Playfulness and fun keeps us authentic and genuine. Using games and activities that encourage problem solving and connection, I aim to help people communicate their authentic and true selves with their partner while improving their relationship at the same time.  When we can get down to our "true self" is when real emotional intimacy happens. 

I work with clients through online coaching and in person events! Make sure to check out both.


Heart Centered Couples

Experience a deeper, more intimate connection and communication between you and your partner with coaching. We'll dive into all aspects of your relationship and figure out ways to improve them for both partners. Feel heard and understood. Bring fun and intimacy back into your life! 


Building Connections

Play is the best way to build a relationship. My philosophy is that you can do work and have fun too. Solve puzzles, go on adventures, play games, and connect with each other as your most authentic self. That's when real connection happens.