Heart Centered Adventures

Helping individuals and couples Get out of their comfort zone


Hey! I’m Katie, the relationship expert here.

I help people get the most out of life and relationships by working through the things that are holding them back and teaching them a better way of connecting.


How to get started with coaching


Couples Coaching

Have you ever looked into one of those cosmetic mirrors in Target and jumped back realizing it was a 5X mirror? That’s how relationships function sometimes. They can bring out the best parts of us and the worst.

Relationships function as a mirror into the parts of ourselves that we didn’t know we had. This is where healing starts for your relationship and yourself. Learn skills to work as a team to grow together and stay together.

Individual Coaching

There’s always a reason and motivation to everything we do. Want to stop feeling like things are pointless and will never get better? There is way to do that. At the bottom of these negative feelings is pain and that’s where we start the healing process.

Humans are capable of change and healing. When you decide to give yourself something better, that healing can occur with dedication and commitment. Talking things out can provide a safe space for that to occur and can change your life exponentially.